Top 4 Cheap Headphones That Would Never Make Your Wallet Screaming

You must be really so familiar with gadget headphone. You do not need to be an audiophile to love music, but almost every single people in this world are loving music. In order to satisfy of our music needs, we need some stuff that would be able to make our listening becomes more enjoyable. Some of them are going with Bluetooth speaker, Bookshelf speaker, or even a headphone. For me, I am more interested on headphone since I could easily bring it anywhere and I can also listen to any music that I want without any disturbance or privately. There are many choices outside there, not all of them are cheap, so here 5 choices that might interest you.

Best Headphone

Sennheiser HD 598

You must be really familiar with this product and I guess most of people love their stuff because it well made and the performance is really good. One of their cheaper choices is coming from this one. It has premium grade ear and open back headphones. One of the most important thing is the comfortable, this stuff is really comfortable to use for many hours even when you are sweating.

Skullcandy Crusher

You might think that cheaper headphone will never have good performance, but you have to be wrong because Skullcandy has pretty decent performance that might be comparable with another choice. The design itself is very nice with almost the entire of body is covered with black color. There are many color choices that you could make here and the performance is also pretty decent for the price.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphone

I am personally not really familiar with them, so I decided to test one of their products to see how well it performs. The result is great because it’s pretty cheap and almost every people could afford for it. Design is the biggest thing which is available here. The red and black colors are well made and blend together to make great look on it. It would be the best choice if you want a great one with beautiful design.

Samsung Level U Pro

Samsung Level U Pro is specifically made for people who love to do some sport while listening for music. It’s sporty with splash and sweat resistant. The battery life is great with almost 9 hours of listening. I have tested it for few weeks and everything is running great without any doubt. I really suggest you to test it by your own self.

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