UNITEK Aluminum Bluetooth Speaker

I am going to do traveling on the next week for spending much holiday. I and my friends are going to do some hiking and I guess it would be pretty much bored since talking all the way is going to be bored and we would run of topics shortly after we do it. The only thing on my mind to make our traveling better is by listening the music, but the problem now, I don’t have the right speaker to do it. I could use my phone to play the music, but I think the power is not good enough and it would be only waste my battery. I browsed to the internet and found this one interesting since it’s small and pretty much cheap only for one purpose. I will tell you how good it is on this short review.

Build Quality

The first thing that I want to talk is the build quality since I will bring it to the outdoor and also there is huge chance that I will drop it. We never know what will happen, but making prevention is a good way since I don’t want a stuff that I buy is easily broken. The body itself is covered by aluminum, but I don’t know if it’s really the aluminum, but I have to say the build quality is pretty much okay and I guess it would be good enough for few drops. Don’t expect it greatly since the product is really that cheap. This could be your best luck if you want a cheap speaker with great built.

Sound And Battery

The sound is pretty decent and it’s also the same thing with the battery. The power is weak, but it’s pretty much okay if it’s only for an outdoor activity. First I don’t have much to expect and I only want a small speaker that easier to carry around. The design is circle, so you can fit it in your pocket. Talking about the battery, it’s only capable of running the music for few hours and you probably have to bring a power bank to recharge it.

There is not too much thing that I expect since I only use it for short time. Everything is good enough and we can consider it as a good product since the functionality and performance is acceptable for the price. This could the reason for you to buy it.

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